Zirconia Hybrid

We Provide Our Clients with High-Quality Zirconia Hybrid Products

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High-Quality Zirconia Hybrid 

If you’re looking for high-quality Zirconia hybrid products, there’s no place better than Esthetics Dental Studio. Our products are all milled by our highly experienced and trained technicians using cutting-edge technology

These products are high-quality because they offer natural-looking esthetics, increased durability, and maximum stability.


High Quality Zirconia Hybrid Products

High Quality Zirconia Hybrid Products

Over Multi-Unit Abutments

Multi-unit abutments are created with a wide range of angle adjustments and are used for almost all implant platforms. They are used to connect dental implants and multiple implant screw-retained restorations.

Our team crafts highly accurate zirconia hybrid implant restorations using cutting-edge technology. Our hybrid products look completely natural and are extremely durable and stable.

When we combine our Zirconia crowns over the multi-unit abutments, the result is a strong and durable restorative solution for our clients.

Full Arch Temporary

PMMA with Pink Acrylic

Our Zirconia hybrid PMMA full arch temporary dental implant is a solution-based option that temporarily replaces all of your teeth on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Temporary full arch is an essential step and can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including:

Facial cosmetics
Lip support
Tooth shape
Bite reproducibility
Gum inflammation

The pink acrylic is used to replicate the gums and make this temporary solution look even more realistic. The high-quality zirconia hybrid we use leads to a durable and stable full arch temporary restorative solution for our clients.

Ready for High-Quality Zirconia Hybrid Products?

When you combine highly-trained and passionate staff with cutting-edge technology, you get one of Houston’s premier dental lab.
We can’t wait to provide you with the best zirconia hybrid restoration products in the industry.