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Digital Smile Design Technology

Our incredible technology allows us to use pictures of patient’s teeth and digitally design what their new smile will look like. With this unique technology, we can produce better smiles and more comprehensive treatment plan

Digital smile design provides a number of benefits, including:

  • The ability to show patients the value of restorative products
  • Allows for a more collaborative effort between the dental professionals
  • Consistently delivers esthetic and smiles to the patients
Incredible Digital Smile Design Technology

Utilizing this technology, we can create unique implants, crowns, and bridges to match the digital design. Our staff is specially trained in digital smile design because we believe in the power and value it brings to our clients.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Surgical or Restorative 

Diagnostic wax-ups are wax replicas of a proposed treatment plan for a patient. These are made after we digitally design a treatment plan and are used to physically establish the treatment plan.

Our diagnostic wax-ups help assist in creating restorative products and help during surgical or restorative procedures.

Traditional Impressions

Dental Putty

Traditional impressions are made by putting a dental putty in the patient’s mouth to create a mold where the dental impressions harden into place. These impressions allow us to create restorative products for the patients.

Digital Impressions

Cutting-edge Technology

Digital impressions negate the dental putty used in traditional impressions by using cutting-edge technology to create a completely digital solution. Our digital impressions allow dentists to gather all of the information they need to create crowns, bridges, and implants for their patients.

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