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We Provide Our Clients with Superior Crown and Bridge Products.

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Our Superior Crown and Bridge Products

If you’re looking for superior crown and bridge products in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. Our crown and bridge products are all milled in house by our highly experienced and trained technicians using industry-leading technology.


Crown & Bridge Products


Superior Bridges & Crowns

Zirconia bridges and crowns are made from zirconium oxide, which is a durable and strong dental material.
It’s an ideal choice for crowns and bridges for anterior and posterior teeth. We offer three unique Zirconia products, which include:

Full Contour Zirconia
Layered Zirconia
Monolithic Multi-Layered Zirconia

We also offer Zirconia Hybrid Products

Full Ceramic

Ceramic Crowns

Our full-ceramic crowns are made with the highest-quality ceramics and are utilized to protect weakened teeth as well as restore broken teeth. They are also used to maintain dental bridges and correct misshapen and discolored teeth.

We offer two options:
IPS e.max

Full ceramic crowns are superior for restoration because they are durable and better reflect the natural look of teeth.

Full-Cast Crown

Superior Quality

Full-cast crowns have a long history and are still widely used today when repairing posterior teeth. We offer two options for superior full-cast crowns, including:

White Nobel
Yellow Nobel


Custom Temporaries

Superior Crown and Bridges

Restoring teeth can be a months-long process, which is why custom temporary crowns and bridges are often necessary. While the tissue around your teeth heals and a permanent crown is being crafted, a custom temporary crown will be used.

Milled Multi-Layered PMMA

Our skilled technicians craft temporary restorations out of multi-layered PMMA disk for a realistic temporary crown and bridge solution.

Ready for superior and High-Quality Crown and Bridge Restorations?

We’re the top dental lab in the Houston area and will provide clients with the best crown and bridge products.

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