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Our Superior Implants Products

Our implant abutments are designed by our highly-experienced and trained technicians using cutting-edge technology. Our designs are then sent to the implant manufacturer to mill an authentic abutment. This is done so that you can rest assured it is to specifications and will not void your implant warranty. 



Abutments hold crowns securely in place, which means they serve a vital function and must be of the highest quality.

Cement Retained

This option provides assurance of maximum esthetics.

Screw Retained

We offer the screw retained option to keep the cleanup in the dental chair minimal since we will cement crown over the abutment and send it to your office in one piece ready to deliver.


Zirconia Custom

This product offers a great alternative to titanium abutment options. Zirconia comes in a variety of shades, therefore the abutments are usually not noticeable and are esthetically superior.


Titanium Custom

Titanium abutments are strong and resistant to corrosion, making it a great choice for dental implants. In fact, titanium abutments can last for several decades making it a wonderful long-term solution for patients.



This product has a titanium part that connects to the implant and a ceramic or zirconia section to cover the titanium. This is a great option to receive durability and strength of titanium while also receiving the esthetic quality of ceramic zirconia.


Our stock abutments are pre-made by the implant manufacturer to keep OEM parts therefore not voiding any warranty.This is a great option for low budgets.

Implant Bundles

Implant and Abutment

If you’re interested in getting an implant bundle which includes an implant and an abutment, please contact our office. We have special pricing for most implant systems.

Surgical Guides – Case Planning

3D Digital Imaging

We take impressions and 3D digital imaging of the surgical site and create devices that will be used during your dental restoration surgery.

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